Working branches within the Hospes Lategum

Medici Lategum

Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, Biologists, Geneticists
Led by the Medicus Magnus, currently β0329
and the Medicus Legatus, currently vacant
Individual title: Medicus
Duties of a Medicus Lategis


Praeceptores Lategum

Teachers, Historians, Physicists, Astronomers, Engineers
Led by the Praeceptor Magnus, currently β3501
and the Praeceptor Legatus, currently β4695
Individual title: Praeceptor
Duties of a Praeceptor Lategis


Defensores Lategum

Protectors of Alpha and the Lategum Collective
Led by the Defensor Magnus, currently γ1465 (interim appointment)
and the Defensor Legatus, currently vacant
Individual title: Defensor
Duties of a Defensor Lategis


Artifices Lategum

Builders, Artisans
Led by the Artifex Magnus, currently β7485
and the Artifex Legatus, currently vacant
Individual title: Artifex
Duties of an Artifex Lategis


Actores Lategum

Roleplayers, RP organizers
Led by the Actor Magnus, currently β0623
and the Actor Legatus, currently vacant
Individual title: Actor
Duties of an Actor Lategis

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