Space Program

The Jimat Pulau Space Program

As of the time of writing, Jimat Pulau is currently engaged in the expansion of a space program rivalling the likes of NASA (if not in scale, then in potential). Not only is the space program a pursuit of knowledge, it serves a very important role in the defence of Jimat Pulau and Earth from known extraterrestrial threats. Shuttle_001.png

The first salvaged shuttle

The first spacegoing craft that the Hospes Lategum came into possession of was a space shuttle formerly owned by Brother 0832, who donated it to the Hospes Lategum shortly after his joining. 0832 originally salvaged the craft from a cave in the Rockies of British Columbia in his youth, and performed the first lessons on how to pilot it.
It was not until sometime afterward that we discovered that the ship was manufactured by an extraterrestrial race known as the Zirallians. The shuttle had crash landed on Earth roughly over 5 thousand years prior to 0832's discovery.
Upon investigation, the propulsion system was found to derive from a zero-point extractor, technology which we have yet to replicate. It allows the shuttle to easily perform aeronautic and astronautic maneuvers costing many thousands of delta-v, including sub-orbital, orbital and orbit transition maneuvers, that would take a conventional rocket thousands of tonnes of fuel to match.
As such, the use of the Zirallian shuttles puts us in a unique position of being able to transfer payloads and personell to and from Earth orbit and beyond almost as simply as taking a helicopter to the next island over.

Hospes Station

From the use of the initial Zirallian shuttle, a space station was located in high Earth orbit, not belonging to any known space agency on Earth. Upon an explorative expedition, it was discovered that the station was of Zirallian manufacture as well. The shuttle was granted access by the onboard computer, but no personnel were found on board.
The station was discovered to actually be a starship, designed to cross interstellar space. Unfortunately, the faster than light drive used to power the station's locomotion was found with irreperable damage.
Many of the station's facilities remained intact however, as well as the life support systems and articial gravity. The station has since been salvaged as Hospes Station, and serves scientific, tactical and defensive purposes as part of Hospes Lategum space operations. It also makes for a nice vacation spot, if you don't mind sleeping in a bunk bed.

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