The Hospes Lategum Uniform

The Hospes Lategum uniform is an important part of what it is to be a Host. It renders all Hosts equal, and serves to emphasize our common bonds to our Lategum and to each other. All Hosts are required to wear it, in full, inside the Hospes Lategum bunker.

For Hosts at the rank of Epsilon or above, the uniform consists of:

  • The uniform tattoo layer. This has your Lategis, as well as the leotard appropriate for your rank, with the rank letter on it.
  • All four undershirts. These, together, add your host ID to your leotard. You can wear them all by selecting them in your inventory, right-clicking, and then choosing Add (instead of Wear).
  • Your uniform boots, along with the boot base and alpha. These are a single mesh each, so you may fit them as needed independently in all 3 axes.
  • Your Hospes Lategum collar. It should be fitted closely, ideally at the edge of the leotard collar.
  • Your Hospes Lategum HUD. You must set the rank and sex appropriately, and enable the renamer. If you are of sufficient rank, you may enable or disable the telepathy as you wish.
  • Your Hospes Lategum group tag, with the correct title for your rank.
  • Your regular hair, eyes, skin, and anything else above the neck.

Furry avatars must use the standard uniform boots, not their own footpaws. They should use their normal tail, and anything above the neck (head, ears, etcetera). Their handpaws should be used, but colored 5% black (RGB 13, 13, 13) and set to low shininess.

Zeta Hosts must wear the uniform as described above, over their normal skin. The catsuit is transparent latex, so stripes and the like will show through. For furry avatars, the normal handpaws should be used, uncolored.

Piercings and any other metal items that touch the body are expressly prohibited below the collar. The Lategum do not like touching metal, and will experience serious psychological discomfort from it. If you have piercings before becoming a Host, you must remove them; your Lategis will fill the piercing channel when you are joined.

Variations to the base uniform are permitted in the context of specific play. A Host wishing to engage in ponyplay may wear tack over his uniform, and may replace his uniform boots with latex pony boots, as one example. Metal buckles or other accessories, however, must never touch the body; if necessary, a latex glove or sock may be worn to insulate them from the Lategis. Wearing them over the leotard is fine.

If you are not sure if something is permissible, please ask. The goal here is to allow play to the maximum extent possible.

Written 2016-10-16 by α8369

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