Rules And Behavioral Expectations

You are equal with every other Host, regardless of rank. This is emphasized by how we address each other: as "Brother/Sister", followed by one's rank, or ID, or both. Names are never used among Hosts. The Alpha is properly referred to as "Sister Alpha 8369", or "Sister Alpha", or "Sister 8369". Hosts who are in a BDSM relationship may refer to others in that relationship with terms of respect as they see fit. Non-members are referred to as you normally would.

At the level of Epsilon and above, you have been permanently joined to your Lategis. This means that, while acting in the role of a member of the Hospes Lategum, you must wear your uniform at all times. In particular, your full uniform is required at all times while in the bunker, and highly encouraged while on the surface of the island. (You may remove the leotard and/or boots as appropriate on the surface if you wish; dangling your feet in the water off the pier, for example, is much more pleasurable if you take your boots off.) Your HUD with renamer enabled is part of your uniform, as is your Hospes Lategum group tag.

Zetas must wear their full uniform at all times while acting in the role of a new member of the Hospes Lategum, as well. The purpose of the uniform is to permit you to become accustomed to the sensation of being permanently enclosed in latex, and taking it off detracts from that.

The only people normally allowed on the lower levels of the bunker are members of the Hospes Lategum in full uniform. Only Gamma and above may enter the Lategum Collective's chamber, and only Beta and Alpha have the code to open the doors.

You are not a slave to anyone merely because you are a Host. Your collar has no owners set unless you set them (including setting it to yourself by putting it in Vanilla mode). It is suggested, but by no means required, that you set your collar to allow group access to the Hospes Lategum group. (You'll need to unset group access or take the collar off if you wish to change your active group.) Any Mistress/slave relations you wish to maintain are outside the scope of the Hospes Lategum. In particular, the Alpha is not your Mistress unless you both agree.

Any and all consensual play, sexual and BDSM included, is permitted and encouraged between Hosts. Anyone wishing to engage in it must create at least one Picks page in their profile listing their likes and limits (or more if needed), and all who are going to play must review their partners' profiles for this information before beginning every time.

Safewords and limits are inviolable. Anyone willfully ignoring a safeword, or repeatedly violating others' limits, is subject to sanctions at the sole discretion of the Alpha. If someone is taking a scene you're participating in in a direction you feel uncomfortable with, then say something out of character (OOC) at the first sign. IMs are always OOC during a scene. You may also say something OOC by enclosing it in (( )); messages marked this way are treated specially by RLV. If you feel the need to stop what's going on, please safeword sooner rather than later. Nobody is to ever question anyone else's use of a safeword or OOC messages for this purpose.

You are required to turn RLV on and leave it on whenever you are in uniform. This is required whenever using the meditation system, as the pod will refuse to pick you up if you don't have RLV on. The renamer will not work without it, either.

Finally, clear communication is important. As such, txtspk, l33t and made up languages are forbidden. Inserting the occasional phrase or word from another real language is acceptable, however. Also, emoticons are acceptable, but their use should be limited. The best use of emoticons would be to convey powerful emotion in what you are saying that simply cannot be conveyed otherwise, but emoting (use of /me says something profound) is preferred in these instances.

Written 2016-09-23 by α8369

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