New Host Requirements

Here's what will be required of a new Hospes Lategum member, at the rank of Zeta:

You will be required to wear only the supplied Zeta uniform while in the Hospes Lategum bunker or on the island surface. No additional accessories are permitted unless you are wearing it in the context of a roleplay scene (for example, restraint cuffs in a bondage scene). For humans, you may wear only the system body, the uniform suit tattoo layer, the collar, the boots, boot base, and boot alpha, and your skin, shape, eyes, and hair. For furry avatars, you will need to wear the system body, the uniform suit tattoo layer over your furry skin, your head, your handpaws, and your tail, but not your footpaws (plantigrade or digitigrade); you, too, will wear the uniform boots, boot base, and boot alpha. In the Hospes Lategum universe, all furs are plantigrade and able to wear the uniform boots without discomfort. No appliers for the uniform tattoo layer are or will be made available for mesh bodies of any kind.

Your Hospes Lategum HUD, with the renamer enabled, and Hospes Lategum group tag, are both part of your uniform and must be worn at all times you wear any of it.

You will need to have RLV enabled at all times while in uniform. Several functions of the uniform and the meditation system require RLV active in order to function.

You will be expected to read and follow the rules listed in Rules and Behavioral Expectations. Allowances will be made for very new Zetas; this is your learning period. If you have a problem with any of that, though, the Hospes Lategum may not be for you.

Please feel free to roleplay as appropriate. You will need to roleplay at least one short scene with the Alpha or a Beta in order to advance to Epsilon, and lead one substantial roleplay to advance to Gamma. Of course, you should observe the usual roleplay etiquette. We greatly prefer smooth, fluid roleplay with a higher level of interaction to paragraph RP where the participants take 10 minutes to write a post that fills the Nearby Chat window and describes every aspect of their appearance, emotions, thought processes, sound, and the state of their digestive system. We are acting in a play or a movie, not writing a novel.

You will need to purchase the MD Pod Prisoner uniform if you don't already have one. If you do, you'll need a fresh, level 0 helmet to start out with. You'll need to be able to spend time in a meditation pod, logged into Second Life but not doing anything, for at least one hour at a time at Zeta and Epsilon rank; you need not be present at the keyboard. The minimum time will increase as you advance in rank.

In order to advance past the Zeta stage, you will need to swear the Hospes Lategum Oath. This is an in-character oath only; we don't expect you to live by its tenets in RL (though many of them are good rules to live by in RL as well as the Hospes Lategum). If this makes you uncomfortable, please discuss it with the Alpha.

The Hospes Lategum is built on a foundation of equality among all members, from the newest Zeta to the Alpha. This includes the uniforms and the rules to be followed. Everyone is subject to the same rules, and no exceptions will be made unless there is a very good reason - and the likely result of such a reason is that the rule itself will be modified.

Written 2016-09-23 by α8369

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