Reference Information For Artwork

This information is intended to help artists who are working on pieces depicting members of the Hospes Lategum.

The Lategis coats the entire body from the collar down. It appears to be very smooth, highly polished black latex. It follows the contours of the body exactly, except that nipples, genitalia, and the anus are smoothed over, leaving only rounded bulges, unless the Host is sexually aroused. It does not cover the tail or feathers for beings who have them.

The boots are black latex wedge boots. They are polished and shiny, though not as much as the Lategis. They come up to just below the knee, and fit closely. The heel height for both sexes is the same, about 3 inches/8 centimeters, but the toes for females are nearly at ground level, while the toes for males are higher, resulting in about a 2-inch platform.

The uniform leotard is made of latex, as well, approximately as shiny as the boots. It is cut differently for male and female Hosts. For males, the sleeves extend to mid-bicep, and the legs are cut lower in front, following the natural crease at the tops of the thighs and fully covering the buttocks in back. For females, the sleeves extend only about a third of the way down the bicep, and the legs are cut higher, just above the pelvic crest, tapering in back to a semi-thong. For both, the collar extends up to the top of the Lategis.

The leotard color denotes the wearer's rank. The decorations are the same on all, consisting of black stripes and a black droplet, with the wearer's ID in white on the top in front and across the lower stripe in back. The back stripe is at the small of the back, above the Host's tail if one is present. The font used for the ID is Cousine Bold, which is available for free from FontSquirrel.

Zetas wear a latex catsuit, tan in color, under their leotards. It is approximately 50% transparent, showing such things as fur stripes readily, but hiding more subtle variations.

All Hosts wear a collar made from a gold and titanium alloy. The collar is worn at the midpoint of the neck, and fits closely. It serves to prevent the Lategis from completely enclosing the Host's head. It is oval in cross-section, with a flat on the front center where the Hospes Lategum logo is shown in raised black metal.


Alpha leotard (gold) 212, 175, 55 46, 65, 52 46, 74, 83
Beta leotard (silver) 153, 153, 153 0, 0, 60 0, 0, 60
Gamma leotard (copper) 135, 64, 33 18, 61, 33 18, 76, 53
Delta leotard (blue) 0, 0, 128 240, 100, 25 240, 100, 50
Epsilon leotard (green) 0, 84, 0 120, 100, 16 120, 100, 33
Zeta leotard (red) 128, 0, 0 0, 100, 25 0, 100, 50
Zeta catsuit 255, 165, 79 29, 100, 65 29, 69, 100
Collar 232, 213, 150 46, 64, 75 46, 35, 91
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