Hospes Lategum HUD

The Hospes Lategum HUD has two major functions: the renamer that changes your speech and actions to reflect your Host ID, and the telepathy system that lets you communicate by thought instead of speech. It is a part of your uniform and must be worn at all times, with the renamer enabled, when you are in uniform. In order to function properly, it requires that you have RLV enabled in your viewer.

By default, the HUD will attach to the bottom center of your window. You may use any convenient HUD point and place it anywhere. You will want to leave some room above it for the radar display. The HUD menu is brought up by touching it.

For both the renamer and the telepathy to work, you must set your sex and rank to reflect your actual status. If you have not set them, as will be the case when you get a new HUD, you will be prompted to when you first wear it. This is what the Sex and Rank menu selections are for.

The renamer must be enabled in order for it to actually do anything. To do this, select Renamer, then Enable, from the menu. If the selection is Disable, it's already working.

The telepathy must also be enabled in order to work. To do this, select Telepathy, then Activate. You may select Silence if you do not wish to be disturbed by telepathed thoughts.

What you are able to do telepathically depends on your rank. Epsilon and Zeta cannot use telepathy at all. Delta can hear messages others send telepathically, but cannot send their own. Gamma and above can send and receive.

There are two ways to send a message telepathically. Starting it with << sends your message telepathically to everyone who's in range. For example, if α8369 were to send "Good morning!" this way, by saying:

<<Good morning!
you would see:
Alpha 8369 thinks: "Good morning!"
in your chat window.
If you start your message with >>, followed by a host ID, you will send a telepathic message privately to just that one Host. If α8369 were to send "Hello, Brother." to γ3501 this way, by saying:
>>3501Hello, Brother.
the latter would see in his chat window:
Alpha 8369 thinks privately: "Hello, Brother."

You must have the renamer enabled for any of this to function.

The telepathy also includes a radar. You will see a list of every Host in the same region who is wearing their HUD. It will show their rank, their ID, and their sex, as well as whether they have telepathy silenced or not. Each entry looks like this:

The rank letter is shown before the ID, and their sex is shown: ♀ for female, ♂ for male. Hosts who have silenced their telepathy are shown with ( ) around their entry. Epsilon and Zeta Hosts are always shown as silenced, since they cannot hear telepathy at all.

Written 2016-10-16 by α8369

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