About the Hospes Lategum

In Character

The Hospes Lategum is an ancient society founded by The First during the Fifth Century BC on the slopes of Vesuvius. The Hospes Lategum is made up of two parts; The Hospes - sapient life forms who typically volunteer to enter into a symbiotic joining, and the Lategum - symbiotic lifeforms that resemble liquid latex in appearance.

When a human or other sapient life form makes physical contact with the pool that is the Lategum Collective, one Lategis will be drawn to that sapient being, and the two will join. The joining means that the Lategis coats the host from the neck down and enters the host's body to line and then fuse with the internal organs. As a result of the joining, the host enjoys a significantly extended lifespan, the ability to breathe in incredibly hostile environments and resistance to disease.

The Lategis also gains access to the host's senses and joins with the host in such a way that the two beings become one consciousness. This joining of consciousness is the result of how the Lategis naturally form a telepathic hive-mind. Eventually, the host can learn to communicate telepathically with other hosts, and in rare cases the Lategum Collective itself.

The Hospes Lategum is led by the Alpha. The Alpha is one among the Hospes Lategum who has a deep bond with their Lategis, and they have gained the ability to communicate with other hosts and with the Lategum Collective at will. So far, there have been only two Alphas. The First designated three successors prior to his death in 79 AD, and the only one to survive Vesuvius became the first Alpha. The second and current Alpha was one of two designated successors when the Hospes Lategum fled Southern Romania during the Ottoman Empire's invasion of the region.

Out of Character

The Hospes Lategum is a community within the virtual world of SecondLife.

First and foremost it is a community founded on a shared love of latex, but it is also a roleplay community. High standards of behavior are maintained to ensure a positive experience for all members of the Hospes Lategum. We are an inclusive community welcoming both female and male avatars, as well as non-human avatars, be they furry, angelic, demonic or some combination of creature types. Unfortunately, the inclusion of robots is not yet a possibility, and cybernetic organisms are also a challenge we have not yet attempted, but our goal is to be as inclusive as is possible.


Written 2016-09-24 by β3491

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