Religion and the Hospes Lategum

The Hospes Lategum is not a religious order. Hosts may believe in any deity they wish, or none at all.

The Lategum themselves are not religious at all. They have no belief in a supreme being, and instead believe that rationality and science can explain all things. They find the notion that they are themselves divine faintly funny, and quickly disabuse any Host who tries deifying or worshipping them of such a notion.

Down through the centuries, Hosts of many different religions have come to the Hospes Lategum. Eventually, they tend to settle into one of two categories. Some believe the Lategum are creatures of their deity sent to help the peoples of the Earth. Others move toward the Lategum's view of the subject, and if they retain any belief in their deity at all, they tend to believe that their deity works through ordering the world as it is and leaving it alone.

Today, there are atheist Hosts (the current Alpha is an atheist; the closest thing she has to a deity is a belief in the balance of nature and that what goes around, comes around), Christian Hosts, Jewish Hosts, Muslim Hosts, Hindu Hosts, and indeed Hosts from many of the great religions of the world. There are even a couple of Hosts who are followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

From time to time, there have been priests, ministers, rabbis, imams, and other religious leaders as Hosts. They have considered the Lategum in the light of their own religions, and there are more opinions flowing from that than there have been religious leaders among the Hosts.

While religious discussion is socially acceptable among Hosts, frank proselytization is not. The Oath requires that each Host be able to pursue their service to the peoples of the Earth in the way their conscience and beliefs call for, and for one to try to change another's beliefs is not in accordance with that principle.

Written 2016-10-09 by α8369

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