Your Joining

Hello Brother/Sister Zeta! Congratulations, you have completed all the necessary steps to be ready to become joined to your Lategis! This is an exceptionally exciting time for you, as beginning your symbiosis with your Lategis will be the start of your new life as one of the joined Hospes Lategum.

To this end, you will soon be asked by the Alpha to be the guest of honor at your joining ceremony. A joining is a short ritual that will allow you reconfirm your commitment to becoming one of us, and for your Brothers and Sisters to vouch for your physical, mental and emotional compatibility with a Lategis.

It is perfectly natural to be nervous! Becoming joined is a permanent process that will ultimately change your life completely (for the better!) as you bond, mentally and physically, with your Lategis. It's acceptable at this stage to postpone your joining until you feel ready, or decline becoming joined entirely - the life of a Hospes Lategis is not for everyone. Until you step inside the joining chamber, you are free to choose not to become joined and leave without consequence.

In some cases, the Alpha may invite multiple Zetas to be joined one after the other at the same ceremony. It is perfectly acceptable to request a solo joining ceremony if you desire it.

That said, if you are undeterred, here is a brief guide on how a joining proceeds:

-First, you will be asked to accompany the Alpha and representatives from the Branches of the Hospes Lategum down to the second level of the bunker. Other Hospes currently at the bunker will be asked to attend your ceremony, also.

-The Alpha will ask that you stand, facing a glass chamber (the joining tank), and will rearrange the Hospes present into order each side of the joining tank.

-The ceremony will be opened, with the Alpha announcing why everyone is present, and will start by asking you if you have prepared yourself for what is to come.

-The Alpha will talk to each representative of the branches of the Hospes Lategum, and ask them to vouch for you based on your time with us so far, encompassing whether you present a threat to our order, that you have shown capacity to learn and understanding of our philosophy and that you are of sound body and mind to be joined.

-Once all representatives have spoken, the Alpha will ask once more if you are ready to be joined, and give you a last opportunity to decline becoming joined.

-All Hospes present will be asked to recite the oath, led by the Alpha, including yourself. Other Zetas who are not being joined that day will remain silent while everyone else recites the oath.

-You will be asked to remove your Zeta leotard, boots and catsuit, leaving yourself entirely naked except for your collar. The Alpha will ask you to step into the joining tank, whilst another Hospes will close and lock the doors to the tank. (If two or more Zetas are being joined in the same ceremony, only one at a time will enter the tank to be joined.)

-The valve sealing the unjoined Lategum in the adjoining room will be released, allowing them to flow into the joining tank and submerge you up to your neck. Your Lategis will choose you and begin encapsulating your body, as well as connecting itself to your nervous system. Your Lategis will coat you inside and out, penetrating into your bodily orifices below the collar as well as covering your skin. Most Hospes undergoing a joining experience a long heightened pleasure akin to orgasm during this process, and the Lategis coating your insides can leave you feeling 'stretched' for a day or two afterwards.

-When you have been entirely encased in your Lategis, the tank will be purged with air pressure, and the valve closed, pushing the unjoined Lategum back to the other room. The doors of the joining tank will be unlocked, leaving you free to step out, transformed.

-The Alpha will provide you with your new leotard, green for rank Epsilon, and return your boots. The ceremony closes with you being welcomed and congratulated by your Brothers and Sisters.

-Celebratory cake in the cafeteria!


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