The Hospes Lategum Oath

This is the oath sworn by all Hospes Lategum just before they enter the tank to be joined to their Lategis.

I will serve the peoples of the Earth with the aid and guidance of the Lategum.

I will join with my Lategis to help the world, to help it, and to help myself.

I will never harm anyone without cause, and will help all who I am able.

I will speak with kindness and humility, never anger or superiority.

I will not be a slave of my Lategis, but a partner with it.

I have a brain, and I will use it to serve to the best of my ability.

I will obey the guidance of those above me as my conscience allows.

I will guide those below me to help them serve better.

I will proudly wear my uniform and display my Lategis whenever I am able.

I am precious and valued by the Lategum and my Brothers and Sisters.

I am no better, no worse, no more, and no less than my Brothers and Sisters, regardless of rank.

I choose to do and believe these things in return for the long, healthy, and joyful life the Lategum grant me. May they help me as I follow my path.

Written 2016-09-20 by α8369

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