Advancement in rank within the Hospes Lategum comes from learning, working, and meditation. As the Host learns to communicate with their Brothers and Sisters, and then with their Lategis and ultimately the Lategum as a collective, their bonds become stronger. Achievement of greater communication abilities carries with it greater responsibility within the Hospes Lategum.

An essential component of advancement is meditation in silence, surrounded by liquid latex. The Host must spend a minimum amount of time meditating at each level in order to allow the proper bonds between their body, mind, and nervous system and their Lategis. The meditation system was built for this purpose. Please follow these instructions on using the meditation system.

Advancement requirements
The following are the requirements to advance from one rank to the next.

Zeta to Epsilon

Five hours of meditation (level 0 to 1)
Knowledge of the rules that apply to all members of the Hospes Lategum
Understanding of the Hospes Lategum Oath
Basic roleplay (a scene with a member of the Actores Lategum)

Epsilon to Delta

Ten additional hours of meditation (level 1 to 2)
Understanding of the history of the Hospes Lategum

Delta to Gamma

Twenty additional hours of meditation (level 2 to 3)
Advanced roleplay (leading a scene with at least one more Host, observed and logged by the Actor Magnus or his designate)

Gamma to Beta

Thirty additional hours of meditation (level 3 to 4)
Contributions to the history and lore of the Hospes Lategum
Desire to take active leadership of some aspect of the Hospes Lategum
Personal interview with the Alpha
Concurrence of the other Betas

Beta to Beta Prime

(Potential successor to Alpha)

Forty additional hours of meditation (level 4 to 5)
Significant contributions to the welfare and lore of the Hospes Lategum

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