Hospes Branches

(Remember to fill in the names of the current Magni and Legati)

— The Hospes Branches and their functions —

Now that you have been joined, you've shown your commitment to the Hospes Lategum, and are ready to start your new life with us.

I wanted to take this time today to educate you on the roles that Hosts fill here in our order.

As you've possibly noticed, we have multiple groups of Hosts here who take on certain roles.

The Praeceptores, Defensores, Medici, Artifices and the Ludi.

Essentially, we encourage Hosts who've become joined to consider joining one or more of these groups.

They'll give you a direction of what you want to be doing as part of the Hospes Lategum. ((and they can offer more chances to roleplay))

So, I'll go through them in order and explain what their function is.

The Praeceptores are our scientists, historians, researchers, and other such academicals.

They work on keeping our records up to date and generally work on anything needing a particular arsenal of knowledge. They keep the computer network and power systems here operational, and also form part of the astronautical research teams.

Currently, Praeceptor Magnus is Praeceptor Magnus, Praeceptor Legatus is Praeceptor Legatus and both can induct new members to the Praeceptores.

Next are the Defensores-

The Defensores are our protectors. They work to ensure that our existence on Jimat Pulau remains unthreatened.

This can come in many forms, defensive strategy, diplomacy, and when it comes down to it, deployment and maintenance of weaponry, and military action.

The Defensores do also fill some less intensive roles, such as ensuring safety and general wellbeing at the bunker.

Defensor Magnus is the current Defensor Magnus. Defensor Legatus is the current Defensor Legatus. Both of them can induct new members.

Continuing on, we have the Medicus Lategum.

The Medici, as the name might imply, are our medical division.

They hold our medical expertise and perform first aid, treat general ailments, perform surgeries or research and provide remedies for more unusual cases.

The Medici also act as medical and biological researchers, and cooperate with the Praeceptores to this end.

We often provide reams of medical research to other countries as well as pharmacetical discoveries.

Medicus Magnus is the current Medicus Magnus and Medicus Legatus is the current Medicus Legatus, both can induct new members.

Next, the Artifices.

They are our craftsmen, our engineers and our architects.

This bunker was refurbished and made livable by their work.

They build and manufacture mostly everything we need to be self-sufficient here.

((In OOC terms… the Artifices comprise our SL builders. So membership is somewhat restricted to those who have experience of at least one of a few things…))

((Building structures or objects in secondlife, modelling 3d objects, creating textures or scripting))

Artifex Magnus is the current Artifex Magnus.

The final group is the Actores.

The Actores is the newest group. They specialize in providing entertainment and leisure for the Hospes at the bunker, in various forms.

Trust me, now that your lifespan is… indefinite. You'll appreciate good leisure time.

((The Actores also work on creating roleplay scenarios and generally creating goings-on at the bunker. Though it's still something of a work-in-progress))

((Strong creative writing and RPing skills are a boon for being a Actor. A touch of craziness can also help!))

Actor Magnus is the Actor Magnus and Actor Legatus is the Actor Magnus, both can induct new members.

Does anyone have any questions?

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