Vehicles of the Hospes Lategum

Sea vessels

IMO 2016908 - Bintang Jimat; Andrea Doria class freighter

Atmospheric craft

T9-HLA - Bell 206-B3 helicopter

T9-HLB - McDonnell Douglas MD-500 helicopter

T9-HLC - Sikorsky S-92 heavy lift rescue helicopter

Exo-atmospheric craft

T9-HLS - Recovered Zirallian shuttle; Found in Whistler British Columbia in a cave behind a false wall.

T9-HLT - Recovered Zirallian shuttle

T9-HLU - Skyhook cargo shuttle; constructed from salvaged Zirallian shuttle

T9-HLV - Recovered Zirallian shuttle; attached to Zirallian starship DECOMISSIONED AND DISMANTLED FOR PARTS

T9-HLW - Shiva one; red and yellow mining craft

T9-HLX - Shiva two; green and blue mining craft

Capital ship

T9-HLZ - Recovered Zirallian starship Jek'na-Desht - Redesignated Harimau Jimat and fully operational.

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