Jimat Pulau

Jimat Pulau

Jimat Pulau is the current land held by the Hospes Lategum. A small, largely unnoticed island in the south pacific, part of an archipelago northwest of Indonesia.



The island was recolonised by the Hospes Lategum in 1940 and came under the jurisdiction of the United States of America in 1947 as a member of the US Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. Jimat Pulua gained independence from the U.S.A. in 1983 and has remained an independent micro-nation since then.


The surface of the island is mostly covered in wild grasses with some scattered larger vegetation The island is flanked by many miles of open ocean and has a tropical climate. Offshore volcanic outcrops serve as weather-breakers to blunt the worst of ocean storms.


As a volcanic island, Jimat Pulau features the Caldera of the top of the volcano on which the island sits. The volcano is inactive, but makes for a striking landscape.
The old facilities of the island colony were refurbished to fit the needs of the Hospes Lategum's activities above ground, including the Bunker, Observatory, Helipad and Dock. Other notable points of interest include an abandoned prison facility, the stargate network link and the beach.


Abandoned Prison


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