The Hospes Lategum Bunker

The Hospes Lategum Bunker

The main area for all Hospes Lategum activities. Refurbished from an old WW2 bunker, the extended Hospes Lategum bunker houses the main facilities and amenities for Hospes, as well as the resting area for the Lategum collective at the lower levels.
This bunker is where Hosts sleep, eat and spend most of their lives in service to the Hospes Lategum. The bunker extends down several levels, with living spaces, scientific labs, recreational spaces, rooms for… intimate encounters and more.


The bunker, with thick iron doors, walls lined thick lead, desalination water supply and state of the art ventilation system, is considered by a Defensore survey to be able to survive and protect the Hospes Lategum in a number of disaster scenarios, not limited to nuclear strikes, volcanic eruption, earthquakes and typhoons.

Access to the the bunker is available to all visitors to Jimat Pulau. However, some areas of the bunker are off limits to all but Hospes of rank Gamma or higher on risk of grave injury. Please be aware of and follow all warning signs on site.


Bunker level 1
Bunker level 2
Bunker level 3
Bunker level 4


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