Bunker Level 1

Hospes Lategum Bunker, Level 1

The ground level of the Hospes Lategum Bunker. This level of the complex is largely comprised of social and recreational areas as well as meeting rooms and offices. Interviewing for enrollment with the Hospes Lategum and processing for new Zetas is also done on this level. Bunker_level1.png
Additionally, the canteen is part of the main hallway in this level of the bunker- food and drink is available here throughout the day, and the canteen has plenty of seating to sit and converse with your fellow Hospes.


1101 First Aid
1102 Games
1103 Interviewing
1104 Classroom
1105 Library
1106 Uniform Fitting
1201 Office Space (Occupied by α8369, Alpha)
1202 Office Space (Occupied by γ3501, Adiutor Ex Alpha)
1203 Magni Consilii Conference Room
1204 Office Space (Occupied by β3491, Praeceptor Magnus)
1205 Office Space (Occupied by γ6582, Defensor Magnus)
1206 Office Space (Occupied by β7703, Medicus Magnus)
1211 Office Space (Unoccupied)
1212 Office Space (Occupied by γ0623, Magister Ludi)
1214 Office Space (Occupied by β0361, Praeceptor Legatus)
1215 Office Space (Occupied by γ1465, Defensor Legatus)
1216 Office Space (Occupied by β7870 Medicus Legatus)
1300 Recreation Center


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