2304 Lategum Chamber

Room 2304, Lategum Chamber

What can be considered the heart of the Hospes Lategum bunker, and one of the primary focuses of our labours. This room is where the unjoined Lategum collective reside, and were installed when the bunker was first refurbished. The room is shrouded in SO2, which is a beneficial gas to the health of the Lategum. The gas is toxic to those who are not joined with a Lategis, and the chamber is therefore, naturally off limits to unauthorised Hospes for both the security and safety of the Lategum, but also the wellbeing of any visitors or Zeta rank Hospes.

Only Hospes of rank Gamma or higher are permitted access to the Lategum Chamber, and only Hospes of rank Beta and over are permitted the access code to allow entry.
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