Duties of a Defensor Lategis

There are many minor duties carried out by the Defensores Lategum, and by the individual Defensor Lategis, not the least of which is ensuring the bunker is free of hazards. Periodic patrols of both levels of the bunker should be conducted by every Defensor, and a notecard detailing the dates and times of any patrols for the week should be submitted the Defensor Magnus.

Also, it is not only a duty but a privilege for a Defensor Lategis to operate the console in the Meditation Chamber. When operating the console, the Defensor Lategis is ensuring the safety of his or her Brother or Sister entering meditation. When a host returns from Meditation, it is advisable that the Defensor Lategis should ask three questions of the returning Host to ensure he or she has not been adversely affected. Should the Brother or Sister returning from meditation behave strangely, the Defensor Lategis should escort the affected Host to the Infirmary and summon a Medicus Lategis.

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