Duties of a Defensor Lategis


There are many minor duties carried out by the Defensores Lategum, and by the individual Defensor Lategis, not the least of which is ensuring the bunker is free of hazards. Periodic patrols of both levels of the bunker should be conducted by every Defensor, and a notecard detailing the dates and times of any patrols for the week should be submitted the Defensor Magnus.

Also, it is not only a duty but a privilege for a Defensor Lategis to operate the console in the Meditation Chamber. When operating the console, the Defensor Lategis is ensuring the safety of his or her Brother or Sister entering meditation. When a host returns from Meditation, it is advisable that the Defensor Lategis should ask three questions of the returning Host to ensure he or she has not been adversely affected. Should the Brother or Sister returning from meditation behave strangely, the Defensor Lategis should escort the affected Host to the Infirmary and summon a Medicus Lategis.


Mental: Hosts will be trained in biofeedback techniques that allow them to achieve conscious control of typically autonomic bodily functions, primarily to prevent the debilitating effects of climax enjoyed by all hosts present during a joining ceremony.

Physical: Hosts will be trained to - and are expected to maintain - a level of physical fitness that would allow them to run 5 km within 25 minutes; carry weights of up to 45 kg (100 lbs) distances up to 5 km within 1 hour; 8 chin ups and 25 pushups.

Martial: Hosts will be trained and expected to become proficient in Krav Maga (a hand to hand system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces).
Basic handgun and long-arm proficiency is taught to all defensors with more advanced courses in close quarters combat, counter-boarding and VIP close protection bein required for defensors to advance as Regulars


D.Magnus: The personal bodyguard to the Alpha(s) and head of the Defensores Lategum
D.Legatus: Deputy to the Magnus
D.Legionus: More advanced Defensors who demonstrate specific leadership traits or specialties
Defensor: Defensors who have demonstrated the basic skills required of they’re Duties
Coniugatori Addicti: Recruits; defensors in training


The Hospes Lategum equivalent of a standing military and police force, similar to the Swiss Guard responsible for the defense of Vatican City. The duties of a Regular Defensor include but are not limited to:
Assist the Alpha(s) at joinings and guard the chamber and those gathered
Conducting background checks on zetas
Part of the Crew for the Harimau Jimat
Ensure the station’s security as well as protect the Chamber of the Lategum and a assure the collectives safety
Supervise all Hosts entering meditation
Close protection for the Alpha(s) on State visits


Non-combatant Defensors assigned to support roles (weapon system technicians, etc) or public safety roles (Warden of the Island, firefighter, etc).

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