A Lategis (plural:Lategum) is a multi-cellular organism that resembles a liquid form of rubber or latex. This comparison, however, would not be made until the spread of commercialised natural rubber in the late 18th and 19th century.

The Lategum arrived on Earth from an astrological event dating back to the classical era, where they made first contact with the human race.


The biology of a Lategis is curious, and while the comparison is unflattering, they are comparable to amoebae in their ability to deform and reshape themselves by their own locomotion. So much so as to become practically fluid- Lategum together can break down to become an indistinguishable liquid.

Based on examination of a host joined with a lategis, it is postulated that the Lategum are a form of organism that evolved from silicone-based DNA protein structures. In depth research is limited, as the Lategum are protected from experimentation and will steer hosts away from separating a Lategis in order to study it.

It is unknown how Lategis reproduce. Those who can communicate with their Lategis will not get an answer to this question and have their thoughts gently steered away from the subject.

Lategis have the ability to photosynthesize nutrients from sunlight, in a similar fashion to most plants. In the summertime, this can also be used to additionally nourish the host during times of bright sunshine and long days.


Lategum have the primary desire to form a symbiosis with other sentient beings, in our majority case, the human race. A Lategis, when it has chosen a suitable host will layer the host's body with its own liquid form, in most cases, covering them from the neck down (apart from sentient life with tails- the tail is considered sacred to the Lategum and will remain uncovered while the rest of the body is covered).

Lategum chose their host primarily based on their emotional and psychological compatibility. Lategum generally only join with hosts who express a conscious or unconscious desire to become joined.
A join may be done forcefully, if the potential host expresses strong intent and has the capacity to harm other Lategum or their hosts. Hosts who become joined in this way enter a meditative state for a few hours to several days, after which the malevolence they displayed ceases entirely.

The Lategum are a hive mind, although individuality between Lategum does persist. They benefit from being in close contact and proximity to other Lategum so they may easily communicate thoughts and emotions. Lategum communicate with each other and with the higher ranks of the Hospes Lategum via a form of telepathy. Lategis will form the strongest mental and emotional bond with their host, but are always in contact with the Alpha of the Hospes Lategum.
A host can form a stronger connection with their Lategis by meditating amongst the fluid colony of unjoined Lategum.

Lategis as sapient beings, have a natural curiosity about the world, and an interest in scientific and creative endeavours, and will encourage talented hosts to pursue them.

Effects on the host

The effects of joining with a Lategis are many-
First and foremost, the body of a host is maintained in homeostasis with relative ease. Eating and drinking is a reduced necessity and hosts can thrive even with meagre amounts of sustenance. The body waste of a host is broken down and nutrients recycled by the Lategis. Hosts can endure harsher cold and heat without suffering hypothermia or heat exposure, although Lategum generally avoid getting too hot or cold for their own discomfort.

Hosts will also experience a greatly increased lifespan and immunity from most sickness, the extent of which is currently unknown as no known host has died of natural causes or illness. Some of the most long lived hosts have lived for well over a thousand years.

Lategum partner on a psychological and emotional level with their host. They do not control the mind of their host, but enter a lasting state of shared intelligence, emotion and thought processes. Lategum generally affect the host in a few ways: Hosts enter a long standing state of calm and serenity once joined, will naturally avoid conflict with others and opt for pacifism.
Hosts will also develop a more keen sense of empathy and experience a rise in base IQ and creative fulfillment as their life joined to a Lategis progresses.

Lategum have the ability to invigorate hosts suffering from fatigue, and can act as a emotional sink for helping hosts work through loss, trauma or stress.


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