Intimacy within the Hospes Lategum

The bond between the Host and the Lategis goes very deep into the minds of both. This includes the ability to feel pleasure. Before they are joined, Lategum know about pleasure at an intellectual level. They do not experience it, however, until they are joined to a Host.

It is not known how Lategum reproduce. Only the Alphas know, and they’re not talking. Betas that pursue the subject with their Lategis are quietly pushed away from inquiry, in very effective ways that make further inquiry something they do not wish to pursue, and the bond between lower ranks and their Lategum is insufficient to convey the exact question. The conjecture is that they reproduce by mitosis, and indeed having done so seems to be a prerequisite for being able to join with a Host.

During the joining, the Lategis finds itself stimulating the Host’s pleasure center almost inadvertently. The pleasure comes as a surprise to it, but a very welcome one; it keeps stimulating until the Host reaches orgasm - and it is a very powerful one, leaving the Host’s mind totally open and vulnerable. It is at this point that the joining can truly complete. This does not mean that the new Epsilon is able to communicate clearly yet, however; all it does is establish the initial pathway over which the links may be completed. It is at the end of that process the Epsilon becomes a Delta, and the peace and silence of the meditation period allows that process to complete. The meditation period alone is insufficient time for the linking to complete; an Epsilon must spend some amount of time before the final meditation.

Once joined, a Host becomes infertile. A female Host’s reproductive cycle is turned off in the same way as contraceptive medications do. This means that she neither ovulates nor menstruates. In-vitro fertilization is not possible for a female Host, either, as her uterus is lined in the same way as her other internal spaces are. A male Host no longer produces sperm, though he does still produce and ejaculate seminal fluid, as is necessary for orgasm.

Even from the initial joining, a Host is able to lubricate himself or herself as needed for play. This includes internal vaginal and anal lubrication, as well as external penile lubrication and lubrication of the digits. The lubrication happens instinctively, without need for thought, as they become aroused. Deltas and above are able to control what lubrication happens; Epsilons pretty much lubricate everything.

The Lategum enthusiastically encourage and participate in their Hosts’ sexual encounters. When possible, they use their collective consciousness to link those involved in play to each other. This is only possible for Delta and higher; Epsilon and Zeta, as well as those outside the HL, cannot be linked in this way. Those who are linked during play find their pleasure amplified by the feedback. The Lategum involved are full partners in this sharing of sensations and pleasure.

A Host’s BDSM preferences are independent of their rank. Submissives are just as likely to have the strength of mind and will needed to make a high-ranking Host as are dominants. The linking involved means that all activities between Delta and higher Hosts are fully consensual, even if the play involves seeming non-consensual activities. Rape is unheard-of within the HL. A Host cannot even think of committing true rape without revulsion. Any rapists who find themselves becoming Deltas discover that their proclivities are no more, and their memory of their prior rapes become colored with shame. Their Lategis helps them heal from this trauma, aided by loving care from HL mental healers and the Lategum.

Within the bounds imposed by true consensuality, however, anything goes. There is no shame and no judgment and no status inherent in any pleasurable activity that Hosts consent to. A Host who finds pleasure in extreme pain will continue to be able to experience it, and their Lategis feels the same pain and pleasure as the Host; indeed, it cannot avoid doing so. This is just one part of the real world sensations that a Lategis leaves the collective consciousness to experience. Any physical injuries below the neck caused during play will heal quickly with the Lategis’ help, as long as no flesh is actually destroyed or severed from the body. A Host isn’t invulnerable, but is less vulnerable than a naked unjoined person.

Sex is a central part of the lives of the Hospes Lategum, not as a sacrament, but as something to be done joyfully and pleasurably as part of a full life.

Written 2016-09-19 by α8369

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